Welcome to Therapy and Life Centre in Coulsdon Surrey!

Therapy and Life Centre offers a full range of Sports Massage and Injury Clinic treatment in Coulsdon, Surrey.

The treatment includes sports, soft tissue, deep tissue, pregnancy, manual lymphatic drainage, and kinesiology taping. Whether for maintenance, relaxation, or a specific injury, we can help!

Sports Massage and Injury Clinic at the Therapy and Life Centre.

There is no need to be sporty to benefit from sports massage! Over 70% of the clients we see have chronic neck, shoulder, and lower back tension. Posture-related issues can be related to sitting at a desk or behind the wheel all day.

The techniques used with a sports massage are more specific than remedial massage alone. The aim is to target particular muscle groups to maximize the results. However, no two people’s needs or tolerance levels are the same. So we are proud to say that every treatment is tailor-made to the individual. We aim to ensure that every person gets the best from their treatment.

The Sports Massage and Injury Clinic in Coulsdon

We enjoy helping people who take part in regular exercise to maintain themselves. Equally, those training for an event can benefit from specific advice and activities, including hands-on treatment. The saying “PREVENTION RATHER THAN CURE” is very true!

If you have sustained a new or existing injury, we can help. This treatment may include Kinesiology taping and manual lymphatic drainage with an acute injury. We will provide ongoing advice until we can extensively treat the soft tissue.

The Sports Massage and Injury Clinic services include the following.

  1. Sports massage
  2. Deep tissue massage,
  3. Pregnancy massage,
  4. Manual lymphatic drainage
  5. Osteopathy
  6. Acupuncture
  7. Reflexology

Finally, please book your appointment for soft tissue treatments (#1-4) using the book now link or call 0203 489 0020. Please click on other treatments and contact the therapist directly for anything else.